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English, Spanish
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About Me

About Me: Hi. My name is Kristen. I am here to work and achieve my personal goals. I'm not here to get a boyfriend or date. enter my room have fun and your tokens will be for the construction of my goals. use the menu and don't be arrogant or rude i hate it. stay in my room if you want, stay free and spend your tokens wherever you want and don't expect a show for free or ask me for anything for free, i will ignore you or block you if you are rude or boring! if you can't help, don't disturb my day! I am a business woman, I am objective and decided what I want and what I think! I'm not here to pretend or try to be what I'm not! like me for the woman I am! If you are one of those guys who add value to women by country or ethnicity, you are not welcome in my office! values ​​are taught by great people and not chosen by ethnicities or countries! About my broadcasts: about my broadcasts: if i'm broadcasting in a public place i'll just be naked or something in a private place (bathroom, locker room ...) i don't put my integrity as a human being and woman at risk for money! the people around me are not d to deal with this kind of awkward situation. in my country and in the environments I go to there are rules and ethics. I am a lady and not a cheap who does everything for money! feeling adrenaline and different from sexual exposure this is a crime in my country! when I'm broadcasting at home, you have a complete and hotter menu! at home I can do everything a couple does in their privacy for two! enjoy public adventures and comfort when I'm at home. working here taught me a lot about the male universe and it made me be more objective and intelligent. to be here I needed to have a great emotional control because there are many clean souls and many dirty souls! we never know what happens here we just live. I hope my smile brightens up the day of sad people and that happy people remain happy! This was more than a life lesson for everyone. we learn to love, we learn to cry, we learn about homesickness, homesickness for what is gone, for what can no longer be as before, for what we thought was useless. nostalgia and love, things that were no longer said and felt with sincerity was just something normal and routine! I hope that after this madness passes people can have real feelings as they are feeling now! and that this is a mission of just teaching that simple things like a coffee or a haircut is as good and being able to hug people and being able to see people's smiles is as good as we would like now. death scares us and the mask covers feelings will be happy or sad. My Rules: I do not like having to say "rules" but if I don't there are people that start getting out of hand and being disrespectful..... these are things that I DO NOT do: Anything with Anything with Urine Anything that involves vomiting If you ask I will say "no", if you ask again, I will block you. These things are against the rules of the site and I do not like them. 1. Be Respectful 2. If you come into my room and I am doing a show, do not tell me what to do, just enjoy the show 3. For any request, please provide the correct amount of tokens from the menu list 4. Do not say disrespectful things to me or anyone else in my room or you will be blocked 5. Do not call me baby, bb, bby or other things. My name is Dayanna 6. I do not give out my personal information, phone number, email... so don't ask. I do not use Whatsapp so don't ask. 7. I do not meet people in person.