Remember when I said we have new camguys on the horizon? We just signed two new models who will be on a member chat in February. Annnnnd we have more on the way! Colton Steele chats tonight at 10 PM ET / 7 PM PT and Tre-von Lopez chats on the 18th (same time). If you’re not a member, now is a great time to join as you will get to see the new guys on our member chats for free!

Colton Steele is a 25 year old fitness model who is ready to take CamWithHim by storm…

Tre-von Lopez is a hot up and coming fitness model who has some crazy definition…

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Welcome New Model Josh Manoi! by admin

December 9, 2015

Please welcome newcomer Josh Manoi to the CamWithHim team! He’s our second model from the Swole Inc crew with much more on the way. Josh is another 18 year old future fitness superstar. I’ve decided to ask DJ, the founder of Swole Inc, to write up a bio for Josh to introduce him to everyone here at CamWithHim. Without further ado, here’s what he had to say about Josh…

Joshua is an eight-race mix that has produced a mouth-watering aesthetic package not seen on this website before. He was born in the City of Brotherly Love but moved to Florida as he started elementary school. He was different from the start. Stronger, more powerful than the other kids. Never interested much in team sports, Joshua focused on developing his physique. First with body-weight exercises in his early teens. Then he got his first gym membership. And his love affair with pumping iron was born. Joshua’s IG clips with our partner @swoleincmodels where he lifts the full stack on every machine is fueling his online legend. Benching well over 300lbs at 5’8″, 160 pounds to fill out his powerful pecs. Hammercurling 100lbs to pump up his eyepopping 17″+ biceps. Manhandling mammoth weights at every station as his muscles literally pop through his form-fitting compression gear. Only to duck into the health club restroom to amaze when the shirt comes off. And then the gym shorts. His confident posing as the Sunshine State sweat illuminates his considerable assets/showcases every inch of his power-packed frame. There really is no weakness in this 18-year old newcomer. His freakish power which he’ll demonstrate during his shows here combined with slabs of rock-hard muscle all over a striated body is a sight to behold. Combine that with dark good looks, a sly/confident smile and an ultimate alpha male persona. It will make for a viewing experience sure to please everyone’s taste.

Josh will make his debut on CamWithHim tomorrow night (Thursday) at 10 PM Eastern / 7 PM Pacific. His member chat will be free for all members. If you’re not a member you may join CamWithHim here to view the show.

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Small Business Saturday Discount! by DWChase

November 28, 2015

Happy Holidays! I have lowered my cam show prices this weekend, so come on over and enjoy a HOT show and a COOL discount!

Here are some new pics from my latest photoshoot!

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Fresh Meat – Jon Pierre Debuts Tuesday! by admin

November 14, 2015

As you may know, we’ve started recruiting once again and our new guys are starting to roll in. We feel Jon Pierre is going to be a HUGE hit on CamWithHim! He’s a 19 year old fitness model who plans to get his IFBB pro card in the near future. He’s 5’9 and nearly 160LBS with dark hair and green eyes. Here’s a little bio on him from his profile

I love the health and fitness industry I want to be a major contributor to it. I started lifting at the age of 14 and am still going 5 years later and counting. My goal is to compete in Men’s Physique again and qualify for Nationals and get my IFBB Pro Card and then compete as an IFBB Pro for a spot to Mr.Olympia where I will become Mr.Olympia Men’s Physique Champion. I bust my ass in the gym every day and remain consistent, I know what I am capable of. I don’t take supplements and I will never take any performance enhancement drugs it goes against everything I believe in.

Jon makes his debut to CamWithHim on our member chat this Tuesday the 17th at 10 PM Eastern (7 PM Pacific). If you’re not a member yet, join here to view the show. You won’t want to miss this future Physique Champion’s cocky flexing show this Tuesday!

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CamWithHim Future Plan by admin

June 29, 2015

Ok so I wanted to update everyone on what the future plan of CamWithHim is. I do admit things have been stagnant for a bit of time and that’s mostly due to other projects I had going on. We updated the Cams Section but we still have a lot to update on the site that I’ve been meaning to for some time. We have a bunch of cool design and feature updates that we’ve made to CamWithHer that we are going to copy over here including a new header, member design and feature upgrades, a new member chat room, and some additional random updates that are too numerous to mention. I’m hoping all this can be accomplished by the end of July.


We’re starting a CamWithHim Instagram Recruitment Campaign to get some new talent here. If you see any new talent, shoot us a DM on our CamWithHim Instagram account and we will consider offering them a webcam modeling job.

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PayPal Is Now An Option! by admin

January 16, 2015


Believe it or not CamWithHim, ICGuys, and HotCamGuys now all accept PayPal through our merchant provider, Epoch. Simply choose Epoch during your purchase and select the PayPal option. It’s that simple!

You can buy a CamWithHim subscription, credits for our cams section, a fan club, a show on demand, something from the store…anything using the PayPal through Epoch option. So go nuts people…go nuts.

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Happy New Year! And happy new ICGuys and CamWithHim Cams pages! That’s right, ICGuys has been totally rebuilt and the cams section of CamWithHim has been updated as well.

Let’s go over what has been adjusted…

Besides looking different, probably the biggest changes are the addition of the mobile version and the scheduled shows. You can now get shows from our camguys on your mobile device or tablet! And yes, there is full video and audio as long as you are connected to a Wi-Fi network.  Now our models can also schedule shows at a certain time (similar to a member chat) and offer a one-time price buy in (or ticket) rather than a pay per minute fee.  We will soon run a promo and get our camguys on some scheduled shows to launch this new feature.


Not to be outdone, we’ve also added a store section, photos on demand, and videos on demand features. In the store, you can purchase actual physical goods from the models. There you can find things like clothing from their cam shows, monthly snap chat pics, artwork, signed memorabilia, and more. We’re currently working with our models to add store content so please be patient with this new feature.  Once purchased, they will ship the items directly to you. It’s a nice added personal touch that no other cam site is currently doing (to my knowledge).

The new on demand sections are where you can purchase individual photo sets and videos that the models sell rather than signing up for an entire fan club. We now have a purchased section where you can view all of your purchases in one convenient location. We’ve also made it so when you purchase an on demand item, you can view it for life rather than just for that browser session. We’ve also back-dated this so if you’ve made a purchase in the past, you can now view it again, if you so wish.

Now in the actual fan clubs themselves, we’ve totally re-designed them with an aesthetically pleasing new look and tons of extra features that are too numerous to list, but I’ll go over the important ones. The main new layout features are the downloadable zip set options in the photos section of the fan clubs and the videos in the video section all play in MP4 format (instead of whatever format the model uploaded originally). This allows for viewing on mobile devices as well.

I invite you to check the new fan clubs out for yourself to see all the changes that were made. Since there are quite a few, let me direct you to some of the camguys who put in the most effort and update their content regularly…

DW Chase’s Fan Club
Subscription: 40.00 credits
Photos: 246
Videos: 26
Diary entries: 3
Private shows: 27

Johnny V’s Fan Club
Subscription: 30.00 credits
Photos: 33
Videos: 13
Diary entries: 13
Private shows: 230

Joey D’s Fan Club
Subscription: 30.00 credits
Photos: 106
Videos: 41
Diary entries: 50
Private shows: 313

Delro’s Fan Club
Subscription: 30.00 credits
Photos: 42
Videos: 15
Diary entries: 14
Private shows: 66

Drake’s Fan Club
Subscription: 20.00 credits
Photos: 138
Videos: 5
Diary entries: 9
Private shows: 127

Kevin’s Fan Club
Subscription: 30.00 credits
Photos: 103
Videos: 2
Diary entries: 19
Private shows: 414

Stay tuned for more big updates and a re-launch of CamWithHim very soon!

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DW Chase: B/W in Chicago elevator by DWChase

December 1, 2014

More of this HOT shoot in the DW Chase CWH fan club!
Join today!!!

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DW Chase for Monami by Amisanzuri Swimwear by DWChase

November 11, 2014

The latest photos of DW Chase are on Fashionably Male, featuring swimwear and tops by Monami
IMG_6900-2 2  1IMG_6938

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DW Chase by Kemuel Valdes by DWChase

October 22, 2014

The post just went up from some of the work I did in Florida a few weeks ago.
See the entire set here…

Valdes 11063075_10152738428900266_4589898_n 10542933_10152738428910266_904763811_n

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