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dw05resize 199x300 DW Chase   2014 Cam Guy of the Year   HAS RETURNED




With new pics, DW Chase has returned to Cam With Him after a brief hiatus.
His latest photoshoot from Miguel Suarez is a nice welcome back.
Reccently published in the French Magazine BLAKE
DW Chase shows his edgy side with a half buzzed head
dw09resize 300x211 DW Chase   2014 Cam Guy of the Year   HAS RETURNED

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I can’t believe that I haven’t shared any of the photos of the massively muscled and meaty SatisfactionHD on the blog with you guys yet! I was looking through some of the biggest guys on the Cam With Him site today and when I found this guys profile with the free photos and realized my error I was quickly grabbing some pics to share with you.

This is the kind of guy who totally distracts me when I’m trying to work out. My gym has a lot of guys like this dude, because they really focus on the bodybuilding aspect of things as well as the more “mainstream” fitness world. If you can imagine trying to do your normal workout when you have the tempting sight of men like this not too far away, showing off their immense physiques and flexing all those muscles!?

If you haven’t checked out SatisfactionHD’s profile yet, you should. There are a lot of great pics on there too that you will want to see, this is just a little teasing taster of what you can find icon wink Flexing With Muscled Cam Hunk SatisfactionHD

I’m going to have to keep an eye on this one and see when he’s performing on cam, from his description he really puts on some great cam performances!

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Our 2013 Cam Guy of the Year is .. by KayleeCWH

February 24, 2014

DWChase01 Our 2013 Cam Guy of the Year is ..

A top model is somebody who goes above and beyond what is asked of him. It’s a model who not only sets goals, but reaches them. A model who doesn’t only see clients and customers, but friends. A model who is interactive, faithful to his word and active in every area he can be active in. You can always pick the top models out of the group. You can tell which ones put forth every effort. We ask a lot from our models and the very best ones exceed our expectations. That’s why every year we like to recognize all of their achievements. They deserve to be put up on a pedestal and rewarded for everything they do.

So, we put it to a poll and let their best fans vote for them to receive the highest honor we can give them, which is recognition and the ability to get even more exposure. As a webcam model, exposure is key. Of course, the paid trip to Vegas for a photoshoot is nice, too.. And that’s what we did this year.

Our winners have already been announced on the forum earlier February, but here it is again. Our official Cam Guy of the Year 2013 is DW Chase! Very much deserved, and we are so proud! The full list with the rankings is as followed:

1. DW Chase (Wins a trip to Vegas)
2. MrTraps
3. Johnny V
4. Joey D
5. Zach Taylor
6. Jay T
7. Delro
8. Drake
9. Nash
10. Blane

All models will be ranked at the top of the cams pages in order for the year . This is what DW Chase had to say to his fans. He is over the moon! “Really excited to represent CamWithHim as Cam Guy of the Year! I really love being on here, it has really allowed me to connect with my modeling fans who have been with me for years and brought me an entirely new audience. I am so excited to get to Vegas, meet Steve and do some great photoshoots with photographers I am bringing in with me both for the site and future editorials and publications! I will be featured in the French magazine BLAKE next month, also very thrilled for those pics to see the light of day. Thanks again to everyone and all those who voted!”

Congratulations, guys!

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CamGuy of the Month .. CamGuy of the Year? by KayleeCWH

January 28, 2014

wk2janguys CamGuy of the Month .. CamGuy of the Year?

What does Camguy of the Month mean to you? Is it the guy who works hard in all areas of the website? Is it the guy who posts with his fans on the forum? Is it the guy that always has new videos and photos to share, and loads them into his fanclub regularly? Is it the guy who makes it to his memberchat, and steps up if somebody else misses theirs? If you thought any of these, then you would be right. That is exactly what we are looking for month by month. Which is why DW Chase was our CGotM for December. DW Chase obviously works his butt off here, and we want him to know that we appreciate it. Among doing those things, he is also readily available for interviews and more.

Now, CamGuy of the Year takes it a huge step forward. The CamGuy of the Year needs to be all those things, except consistently throughout the year. We have some hard workers here and several that fit that criteria, and that’s why we have to put it to a vote. These guys put in all of their effort to do their best, and they need you to step up for them now. Having this award congratulates them for a job well done, and to be honest, it’s nice to be pat on the back and recognized for all that you do.

If you have not already voted, there is still time. You have until the end of January to cast your vote because in February we will announce who our CamGuy of the Year is. Please go here to cast your vote NOW, while you still can.

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2014 is Here! by KayleeCWH

January 14, 2014

GuysWk1Jan 2014 is Here!

Another long year has passed, and with every new year brings new happenings at CamWithHim.

- You get new models to enjoy.
- New features to try out.
- New promotions to look forward to.
- New ways to get the best bang for your buck.
- New forum topics to post in.
- New videos to watch, pictures to see, member chats to attend, blog posts to read and more.

It’s a very exciting time. However, they are some things that stay the same.

- You still get to watch and get to know the best models on the Web.
- You still get to expect content of different media types.
- You still get to post with the CWH community, including models and staff, on our forum.
- You still get to participate in promotions, some that are new, but also old favorites that everybody looks forward to.

Yes, it’s an exciting time and we are happy that we get to spend another year with all of our loyal fans. Without your contribution to our site, well, we just wouldn’t be the same. Thank you.

With that said, a New Year means we are expecting a new Cam Guy of the Year, and in order to find out who that is, we need your vote! To do that, follow the instructions in this blog post. Happy voting!

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ClarkKent21 In The Shower… by Conran

January 13, 2014

I know the title of this post is going to get a lot of attention from plenty of the readers contemplating becoming a member of the Cam With Him site, and it absolutely should too. In case you’re not so familiar with the stunning hunk that is ClarkKent21, I have added a couple of photos to the post to give you a little reminder.

This might not be news to some, but it definitely deserves mentioning after I found the old post on the forum. ClarkKent21 has some very interesting things in his fan club, with ten videos for you guys to enjoy. And, as a fan of muscled hunks in showers, I can definitely say that this is worth checking out.

Anyone here who has the incredible pleasure of being a member of a gym with open showers will know how hot the prospect is, I dare say that this is one of the things that keeps so many guys going to the gym as often as they do. Yeah, sure, the fitness and health aspects are important, but the enjoyment of appreciating other stunning muscled men in the showers after a good workout is undeniably one of the biggest draws for many – it is for me!

Enjoy some of his pics, and click through to his cam guy profile page for some more info.

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Galleries Of DW Chase On Cam With Him by Conran

January 8, 2014

You guys probably all know by now that we all love DW Chase here at Cam With Him. The hunky man is not just a cam guy, he’s a male model too (but then a lot of the guys who show off on cam for the members have modeling and fitness jobs out there too, don’t they?)

I was looking through some of the galleries on the site this morning and I found some more hot and sexy photos of the hunky and handsome hairy guy, and of course I wanted to share some of my finds from those on the blog here with you guys.

I’m not gonna lie, this is intended to draw you in of course. If you’re not a member yet then I think the promise of more of this guy is a good way to get you thinking about it. If you are already a member – and I know a lot of you guys are – then you’ll want to click through to the Cam Guy galleries and check out the rest.

So, without further a do, here are some of the best ones I chose to share on here with you guys, enjoy them and click through for more when you get the chance icon wink Galleries Of DW Chase On Cam With Him

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2013 CamWithHim Camguy Of The Year! by admin

January 6, 2014

Guess what time it is?! Time to rock the vote once again for the 2013 CamWithHim Camguy Of The Year. This year we’re doing things a bit different. The winner will still be decided by a 50% user vote and a 50% admin vote, but users will vote on our facebook poll only. We will no longer have an additional poll on our camguy forum.

We also have another slight adjustment this year with our participants. We only are allowing camguys we feel that participated in the site the most and were strong contributing members of our community. So congratulations to those that even made it in the contest. We feel these guys are deserving of the title and potential prizes.

Speaking of prizes (good segue, huh?), the Camguy Of The Year will win himself an all expenses paid trip to Las Vegas where we will put him to work in underwear and fitness gear and make him shoot for our members area…I suppose he can vacation a little too. The top ten winners will be ranked chronologically on the cams pages all year long as well.

Voting will end at the end of the month (January 31st at midnight).

If you’re a camguy and want to get people to vote for you, send them to this URL: or you can type #poll in your chat room and the user will automatically see that URL on their end (yes we made it easy on you).

Contest sponsored by CamLeap, the Random Cam site.

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Have You Seen Muscled Hunk Vdiesel? by Conran

January 5, 2014

I was shocked to discover that there’s been no mention of this dark and handsome hunk on the Cam With Him blog yet, so after seeing his photos on his cam guy gallery page I had to get some here for you guys and tell you a little about him. It seems that he’s new, so there’s likely to be a more detailed post about him coming up soon, but before then let me give you some of the basics and some photos for you to drool over icon wink Have You Seen Muscled Hunk Vdiesel?

It has to be said that I haven’t seen him on cam yet, but I will be doing that the moment I get the chance.

He’s a straight hunky muscled gym-buff guy from the US, with impressive pecs and the most delicious abs too. He has some real sexy ink, and I know that plenty of you guys love to see that on a dude.

Although he’s straight, he seems to love putting on a show, and I guess he likes getting the admiration of other guys out there. I certainly admire him, and if I had a body like that I think I might become a little bit of a narcissist and spend more time than is deemed reasonable flexing my muscles in front of mirrors icon wink Have You Seen Muscled Hunk Vdiesel?

This is the first time I’ve seen him on the site, but I’m certain it won’t be the last. I’ll be keeping my eyes open for more of this handsome and studly cam guy in the coming weeks and months!

Check out some more pics in his cam guy gallery.

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It’s been a little while since we had some hot pics of the hunky cam star Johnny V on the blog, but after paying a visit to his free gallery on his cam guy profile page I just had to get some of these fresh photos on here for those of you paying us a visit for the first time.

We’ve talked a lot about this hunk over the last few years, but that’s with good reason. If there was ever a “face of” Cam With Him, he would have to be in the top ten of all time, along with his good buddy Joey of course.

With his fine bod and a talent for showing off for all his fans, it’s no wonder he would be considered to be such a big personality on the site. Just take a look at some of the previous posts (the one with him and Joey are hot!) and take a look at these photos from his page – how can anyone NOT lust after this hunky guy?

I defy you to see him on cam or in a gallery and not immediately have some very dirty thoughts about what you would love to do with him icon wink The Bulging Body Of Johnny V

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